Want to taste the difference in your product offering?

I specialise in quality product improvements and customer interaction
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Have you wondered how you could optimise your product appeal?

Do you need to improve your quality checks?

Do you need to improve your customer advocacy?


Well, I’m the quality food consultant for you.


I can identify and implement cost-saving or volume driving changes to optimise your product appeal, increasing margins and growing customer advocacy.


What factors do you think affect the success and profit of your product?

Number one influencer is the shopper.

Shoppers decide if your product sitting on the shelf ticks all their requirements and is the most appealing. If your product is purchased it needs to pass the taste or user test, influenced by expectations derived from the packaging. This could be your only opportunity to engage with the shopper. Research tells us a further two positive purchases are required before they switch from shopper to your loyal customer.

So if you successfully capture the shopper, does your product continue to deliver consistent quality and meet their expectations?

For every 3 customers that take the time to complain, another 97 just buy another brand and stop promoting you to friends and relatives?

Customers set the bar high in a competitive market where their voice is now the new promotional product tool.

How well do you check in with customers at each stage of the product development lifecycle?

What affects your customer loyalty is dictated by your product lifecycle processes and procedures aligned with your team’s knowledge and experience. Many companies lack the expertise, knowledge or time to implement effective customer and quality initiatives.

Have you worked out what the cost is of each lost or never gained customer because the quality was poor, the value engineering was detected or the customer preferred a same-priced competitor product?

My consultancy is a cost-effective solution as I can deliver to your bespoke requirements and budget. Further cost savings alongside long term benefits are achievable if I establish your own internal testing and evaluation programmes alongside team training, rather than conducting the tasks for you independently and off-site.

Book a free consultation so that we can discuss your opportunities and design a bespoke package to suit your budget.

Do you need to Optimise your products?

Have you wondered what opportunities could be identified and executed for optimising your product appeal, increasing margin and growing customer advocacy but lack the time or resource?

With my 25 year’s experience across three continents in retail product development life-cycle, customer and product research, quality control and training I can work with you to identify and implement cost saving or volume driving changes to your products.

I am renowned for my ability to listen, challenge and make it happen with passion and motivation to drive a positive outcome in a timely and robust manner.

Let's do it together...


Delwyn Oliver - Head of Own Brand, Grocery and Non Food at Foodstuffs Own Brand Limited

Sally has an incredible amount of passion and energy for the work she does. She is a great team leader and has developed many of the people in her team to be as passionate and as dedicated as she is. This is evident with the tenure and loyalty of her team. Sally was responsible for the implementation and set up of the Customer Sensory team in Woolworth’s’ and over the past 10 years, it has been her determination, commitment and passion for this critical part of the product development process that has led Woolworth’s to have Australia’s most trusted Own Brand program in supermarket retail. She has inducted and trained numerous people in the Woolworth’s business in the benefits and value of sensory evaluation – it has become an integral part of the process. I would recommend Sally to anyone that is looking to develop their products with a true customer focus – or to implement and manage any similar process in the ongoing development and review of products.

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Want to taste the difference in your product offering?

I am an international food consultant specialising in quality product improvements through customer interaction and team awareness.

Let’s do it together and grow your food, beverage or non-food product sales


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