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Why people use my service

I will never lose my passion and enjoyment for creating and evolving quality products that customers promote to family and friends, to margins that enable business to grow and expand.

Working with you all the way to deliver the results that you may not have the expertise or time to review yourself.

  • I listen carefully, question and check understanding of your requirements
  • I take a stylised approach, resonating with your company culture
  • I utilise experience and knowledge from 3 continents and all product types
  • I apply a unique set of tools derived from various disciplines
  • I take a tailored approach from hands on to mentoring and coaching
  • I have experience of working with small to global companies
  • I am a member of industry associations, international standards and world wide networking
  • I am equally able to set up from scratch or pick up the task and run with it
  • I am budget conscious and able to adapt a strategy to suit your margins

Let's do it together...

I have worked with small to global size manufactures and importers across Food, Produce and Floral, Beverage, Alcohol, Household, Health, Beauty, Pet and Foodservice.

Some examples of where I have driven change that delivered significantly more profit than my consultancy fee.


  • Implemented team and customer screened and trained panels to blind test samples on site
  • Introduced factory quality taste programme whilst evolving team ownership
  • Trained a team in how to correctly and validly evaluate products including vocabulary development
  • Confirmed customers would not detect a quality difference if the main ingredient, sugar or salt content was reduced 
  • Applied sensory discrimination tests to ascertain the quality of the bread in the sandwich over shelf life  
  • Developed a mystery shop programme for food service to identify quality differences between outlets and shifts 
  • Tested concept ideas and market trends with customers to ascertain issues and opportunities before further cost and time investment
  • Advised on the best practice for product quality monitoring
  • Updated the process for evaluation of products in the team and customers home environment
  • Identified unique selling points that customers would pay additional money for 
  • Managed customer research from concept to launch for a move to sustainable packaging and greater customer engagement

My background

My skill set is unique as I mix a cocktail of development process, manufacturing quality, sensory evaluation and market research experience with a twist of customer to deliver award winning product formulations across Europe, Asia and Oceania that customers consider are worthy of repeat purchase and social media praise.

Commencing my career as a teacher with a passion to instil knowledge and deliver impacting change, I have taken and evolved those skills delivering training and coaching alongside impactful reports and presentations.

 As Product Assessment Manager at Tesco Supermarkets, I Investigated, measured and instigated programmes and processes to improve and optimise product appeal and quality. I coached and trained people in product evaluation and quality control. Evolving innovative customer engagement and incorporating a portfolio including alcohol, food service, non-food and produce the department grew to 32 people across seven sites and a new food assessment centre. I rolled out the model to Asia and Europe with adaptations for different business cultures. Having an internal evaluation model delivered fast, flexible and cost-effective processes.

Working for Cambridge Market Research provided me with full-service agency experience. Establishing a sensory function added a  dimension for clients to better understand product, customer and marketplace relationships. Research included optimisation projects with technical departments of international brands and devising advertising compliance research for a national customer-focused quality campaign.

I was headhunted to bring my experience to Australia and establish Woolworth’s first Product Customer Evaluation Department. Time, cost and customer reputation were saved as we could get it right first time, converting shoppers to customers with consistent quality, resonating to their needs and some innovative products to excite and drive social media recognition.     

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