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Quality Food Consulting: Growing your business through customer-driven product optimisation  

Establishing product improvement and opportunities at each stage of the product life cycle

Custom discussed, designed and delivered packages 

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Opportunities to drive sales and profit through product changes  

Whether your objective is value engineering, response to complaints, a healthier or more sustainable product, creating unique product selling points or converting a satisfied customer to a delighted one,  if your product fails to resonate with customers they can easily shop elsewhere.

Let me check in with you and then your customers to deliver the best possible product with the smallest cost of goods.

Whilst I offer a bespoke consultancy service examples of what I can offer after your free initial consultation are:

  • Team exploration optimisation workshops
  • Product and market review deriving optimisation recommendations
  • Sensory discrimination testing to verify value engineering, change of supplier ingredient, healthier recipe etc can not be detected
  • Customer testing to verify your unique selling point or product enhancement


Opportunities to enhance your unique selling proposition and know what’s trending in the marketplace

You understand the market sales figures but have you considered what product related factors influence this, how you compare to competitors and the impact and opportunities of new trends?

And let’s not forget that packaging and design is the instigator of purchase and sets expectations for the eating experience which in turn dictates repeat purchase.

I can conduct the reviews independently and report back with the facts and recommend opportunities or establish robust process, procedures and training of your team so you have access to a flexible tool whenever you require it

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Opportunities to evolve their loyalty, satisfaction and advocacy

The customer needs to be at the centre of each decision in your product lifecycle if you want to have a clear vision and direction to deliver a successful and profitable product.

With experience across all product categories and a suite of market research and sensory quantitative and qualitative evaluation tools I can design and execute a project or programme for your specific situation.

The following are examples of customer checks that I can conduct or put in place for you to operate.

  • Mystery or accompanied shop: Ideal for food service and impression of product prior to purchase decision
  • Focus groups: Discussing new ideas, initial mock-up samples or reviewing existing products with target groups
  • Survey: Reaching a large robust number of customers opinion on any aspect of a product or purchase experience
  • Product testing in a controlled location and usually conducted blind to remove bias
  • Product testing at home: Customers use the product in their familiar surroundings individually or involving the family
  • Screened and trained customer or team panellists: Allows a smaller number of participants to deliver a valid and articulate opinion on product tests or sensory evaluation.


Opportunities to reduce complaints and better delight your customers                                                                           

Today’s customer has high expectations and expects consistent quality from every purchase they make.

Remember that for every three customers that complains at least another hundred customers just shop elsewhere.

  • What quality checks are conducted on your products before leaving the factory?
  • Are your checks objective and do you record all results, review and action?

Let me apply my experience and work with you. I can work independently and return the results and report to you or I can install new processes and training for your team to operate.

Examples of the type of work I can assist you with are:

  • Off the production line or different food service outlets quality check 
  • On the shelf to establish the time and impact of the delivery process
  • Packaging and cooking instructions
  • Organoleptic shelf life testing
  • Product sensory descriptions to accompany technical specifications
  • Complaints: Further practical investigation
  • Value engineering verification testing
  • Health and sustainability changes

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Food | Beverages | Alcohol | Produce | Food Service | Household | Health and Beauty | Imported Products